new book!

Hey folks!

We’re super excited to tell you about a project we’ve been cooking up!

Here’s some background: We published Stay Solid! back in April 2013, and in the winter of 2014 a couple of us from the editing crew held a youth reading group about the book. Pretty much the first thing we noticed during the discussions was that a huuuuge part of our daily lives was completely missed: we didn’t do a chapter on Food!SSRG4

Food ties into every aspect of our lives. We’re kinda glad we missed it, because now we — some of the reading group crew — get to go into more depth about it and put a book together on the topic!



Here is an early table of contents so you can see what we are thinking. We have brainstormed tons more, but this is to just give you a taste of what we are up to!

  • Animal Rights and Food
  • Food Solidarity
  • Land and Food
  • Body Politics and Food
  • Class and Food
  • Youth Oppression/Liberation and Food
  • Care and Food
  • Food as Medicine/Illnesses and Food
  • Access to Food

We will be doing a call-out soon for contributors to this book — especially to youth.

stay tuned!
~ sylvia and carla and some other cool kidz


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