ALL MONSTERS WELCOME – Purple Thistle Cabaret

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Sunday, April 21st
6pm snax and monster meetups
6:30 show!

Facebook Event:

Perhaps you have looked under your bed recently, and perhaps you were disappointed not to find any monsters there. Where can one even find a monster these days? There is one answer: Come to the PURPLE THISTLE, on SUNDAY, April 21st!

The Purple Thistle Cabarets are cozy, silly, and glamorous events featuring talented dancers, musicians, poets, burlesque and drag artists, clowns, and more!

Please come dressed as your favourite, or least favourite.. MONSTER! Weird, friendly, scary, ridiculous, secret .. all monsters are welcome. There will be a prize for the best outfit!


True Crush • Two punks singing their hearts out about what truly matters: skateboarding and moms and other stuff.

Pickles Lavey • Vaudeville, Sideshow, and Songs for the Strange!

Hannah Axen • Dancer, choreographer and performance artist, Hannah is an aspiring Vancouverite from the snowy plains of Edmonton.

Alanna J Stew • Alanna strums and coos lullaby folk rock. She is half way between an ant and a shark.

Fancy Andy • This juggler will be playing with his balls like never before.

Leona Lovehandles • Watch out! Leona is a MONSTER of sass. Combining burlesque with gender fuckery he’ll eat yr heart out.

Dorothy Griffith (Dot) • Dot is a drag queen, burlesque dancer, and clown. Dot is the lace under your mother’s fancy teacup, and the glitter glue all over your toddlers arms.

& more

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6pm – come for snacks & monster meetups
6:30pm – show!

The Purple Thistle is a drug-free and alcohol-free space.

- there are 16 stairs that are 38 inches in width, with a railing
- there is no elevator
- There is one gender neutral washroom at the space.

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