Featured Thistle Artist: Opening and Coffee House! Saturday, March 29th, 7 pm- 9 pm

Savanna Todd is our first Featured Artists and we are thrilled to show you all her work.


Teen Daydream: works from the sketchbooks and bedroom of Savanna Todd

The opening and coffee house will be Saturday, March 29th, 7 pm- 9 pm

  • everyone welcome and it’s free!
  • there will be snax, good music, inspiring art, and rad folks — oh, and some special signature gluten free cup cakes!

about the show, by Savanna:

“This collection of line drawings, paintings and textile pieces include parts of a body of work that I’ve been working on over the past two years. The installation piece was made specifically for this show.

I am super grateful to be part of the Thistle and to be able to hone my skills there, to meet rad folks, learn from each other and do this show! Thanks to Kristin, the Thistle collective, my family and friends for supporting me to do this fucking rad and complicated work!

I really loved choosing the layout of the exhibition in conjunction with the message I am hoping to convey. Art is weird. I hope you enjoy this show, feel a bit challenged by it and leave with some questions!”

– savanna

savanna poster

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