Thistle Library Update!

The Purple Thistle’s book and zine library had been culled, reorganized, and restocked with new radical books. We received generous donations from a bunch of rad presses including South End Press, PM Press, City Lights Books, Minor Compostions, Semiotext(e), Arsenal Pulp, RE/Search Publications, Fernwood Publishing, Microcosm, and more! We have also received some wonderful donations from collections of individuals in Vancouver. We are really excited about some of the new titles and old gems we have dug up. Materials can be signed out using our very straightforward sign-out system. Look for the clipboard in the library if you want to borrow anything.

IMG_9893Contact us if you are interested in donating books we are looking for books, zines, and comix about deschooling/unschooling, anarchism, DIY culture, decolonization/indigenous struggle, youth liberation, radical ecology, anti-racism, gender justice, weird fringe culture, and more! In particular we would like to grow our collection of rad kids and young adult books. In the cull we have pulled out a bunch of books for giveaway. If you want some free books they are located in the entryway to the Thistle.

IMG_9889The Thistle Library Crew is meeting every Monday at 5:30 pm if you want to stop by and get involved!

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