Youngunz…it’s back!!

              Youngunz…it’s back.

The Purple Thistle Centre will be holding space for their infamous Youngunz Program between January 26th to June 22th, 2014.

 If you are between the ages of 10 – 14 (ish) or know anyone who is in that age group who would like to hang out once a week for a couple hours to make, break, learn, forget and create a smattering of arty projects, this may be right up your alley!

 Youngunz is a weekly 2 hour workshop (some may be longer, ie full days*) aiming to match the groups interests with clever mentors from the art world who are excited to share their passion and skills with us. This is not a drop in program and due to space limitations a maximum of 12 people will be admitted…however, a waitlist can be created if need be.

We will host a coffee house to exhibit the amazing work these younguns produce (date TBA)

The Nuts and Bolts

 The Time:  Sunday afternoons 3 – 5, btw Jan. 26th  – June 29th

The Place: The Purple Thistle (although we may venture out on occasion but will always keep you informed)

 To Sign up:  easy, just contact Anita (details below) and let her know you are interested and your age!

 The Cost: Sliding scale between 40 – 60 $/mo* (covers the once a week 2 hour sessions**, mentors, food and supplies)

 How to pay?

1) at the beginning of each month (cash or cheque)

2) one cheque for the entire duration

3) post dated cheques

 cheques payable to The Purple Thistle Centre


Anita Olson;

Savanna Todd;


** we won’t turn anyone away for lack of funds, so please contact us no matter what!

** costs may be added on for full day workshops

 All youngunz members can access other programs at the purple thistle. (see schedule for details,




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